With the example "Bank für Sozialwirtschaft" in Berlin we would like to describe to you our working processes and procedures.

Project Definition:

The "Bank for Sozialwirtschaft" was established in 1923. Only 2 wall-bricks from the Karl Friedrich Schinkel Brickworks have remained of the original building. These two "historical relics" were to be presented accordingly and kept in an own "space".

Draft Design:

Through design research and discussions with the consulting clients Jens Rolfs developed an adequate presentation for these relics in their own environment. In cooperation with designer Doerte Grau a number of variations were put to paper.

Top left: here you see a quite monumental room-size design: when a person approaches the display cabinet the doors open, lights turn on and the bricks are raised on a platform for viewing.

Top right: two further display cabinets, lighter and more transparent but equally emphasised.

Below: here you see mid-size and less emphasised variations which were chosen as optimal designs.



Our draft design drawings provide incredible assistance during the planning phase in order to clearly define the planning objectives. These drawings are precise and highly detailed yet leave room for imagination and the impact of the materials.

For the manufacture of the designer pieces exact CAD diagrams are made according to the hand-drawn blueprints which serve as manufacturing specifications for our experienced builders in our workshop.
We do not simply use metal in all shapes and sizes but combine it with wood, stone, lacquered surfaces, synthetics and glass.

The Product:

Below you now see the finished cabinet (without bricks) as it stands as keeper of the relics in the Oranienburger Strasse 13-14, Berlin.

This procedure is a good example of our working approach. In advance we develop a design together with the client that is clear in every aspect. Converted into precise drawings, we manufacture the product and take great care with materials in order to ultimately deliver the pieces and outfits that you imagine.

Finally we would like to mention that we are not concerned exclusively with beginning our cooperation with the client through background research and brainstorming. We are certainly prepared to provide our professional input during every design and manufacturing phase. It is for example an inviting challenge for us to take over an existing concept in advanced development and make the often declared impossible possible.