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On the pulse of time.

Universal Music Germany is a successful enterprise in the music business as part of the Universal Music International Group, global market leader.

In 2002 Universal Music Germany moved its headquarters from Hamburg to Berlin and re-established itself in the former warehouse "Eierspeicher" at the Osthafen in Berlin/Friedrichshein.

The historical building with its exterior kept in its original form facing the Spree river immediately next to the historical Oberbaum bridge (well known landmark of Friedrichshein/Kreuzberg) offers an interesting setting in the vibrant capital of Germany.

This taken into consideration Universal Music asked for an appropriate presentation of its logo for the outer fašade and chose a light object by AFRberlin.

Made of optical fibre and integrated into the existing glass fašade in an inconspicuous manner on the riverside of the building the logo reaches the size of 41m high and 21m wide.

The finesse with the company logo is that the light radiates in a multitude of colours in a flowing and constantly changing rhythm.

During daylight the building continues to appear in its original form: historical and functional. The lighting composition begins at dawn to depict a pulsating environment.