Das Werk AG

The media and technology company Das Werk (The Works) is a global player in the film and television industry and for the digital processing of films and videos.
In the former manufacturing halls of the Borsig railway engine factory the company has now also established itself in the capital city on highest niveau.

Based on the design ideas of Martini-Meyer Interior Designers and in cooperation with the builder and architect Gregor Siber we developed, manufactured and mounted a series of wall panels and remarkable seating areas.

This contract also included further design work and the planning for the entire site. A number of prototypes were also part of the overall project.
With this example we would like to show that we are not concerned exclusively with beginning our cooperation with the client through background research and brainstorming but rather also provide our professional input during every design and manufacturing phase. On the contrary it is often an inviting challenge for us to take over an existing concept in advanced development and make the often declared impossible possible.