Harley Davidson subsidiary, Dreilinden

The Wild West and Harley Davidson are inseparable.

The previously existing location of the Harley Davidson subsidiary in Berlin no longer had an adequate presence as the World's most famous motorcycle maker. Therefore a new location with a new image was sought.

Already during the initial search for appropriate locations we were able to provide consultation to the company. Taking the planned concept for the new subsidiary into consideration a fitting location was quickly found: the "Europark" in Dreilinden - an industrial site with large factory halls near Berlin and Potsdam.

The area of the sales rooms of altogether 1500 square meters proved optimal to create an entire ?Harley Davidson World?. We constructed and built a landscape such as it was in the Wild West: a Western township in the desert with streets leading to the individual sales stands; space for the exhibition of the available bike models and wooden shacks to act as sales offices/rooms. A working repair and tuning shop was certainly also installed for all thinkable alterations and rebuilding.

It even left space for the integration of a café for recuperation. So today you find a large range of Harley Davidson products to include not just motorcycles but all sorts of HD accessories, fashion items and much more to soothe the bike lover?s heart at the Harley-Korso Berlin-Potsdam location.

Further details of individual furnishings in this project can be viewed under Individual Pieces/Shop Outfits.